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Introductory course (Online course)

Uppsala University

HT21- Date: 17th November 2021- 18th February 2022

All the seminars will be given online

Language: English

Course organizer:  Håkan Andersson


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Content and structure of the teaching is presented in the syllabus (below). The course is 15 credit points (i.e. corresponding to a half semester of full-time study).

Course Director: Professor Håkan Andersson. Teaching will done by Professor Håkan Andersson in collaboration with other teachers.

The 2021 Part I of the course (November-December) deals with different theoretical and methodological approaches, and the issue for the course is to “translate” these themes into usable tools within law – i.e. within your own doctorand project. This part of the course is devoted to discussion apropos the themes in the standard literature as regards scientific methods, the obligatory book Alvesson/Sköldberg, Reflexive Methodology (3rd edition). To these seminars the course participants will not (at least not always) get questions from the seminar leader; on the opposite, the participants will have to contribute with their own questions for the discussions. The idea is that each one of the participants read in advance the chapter (or chapters) mentioned in the schedule, and write at least 3–4 interesting questions (or issues for discussion). All these questions must be sent to all members of the group and to the teacher for this specific seminar some days in advance. Preliminary these seminars will be held every Wednesday and Friday.

The 2022 Part II (January-February) is devoted to more concrete theoretical or methodological issues, and preliminary these seminars will be held every Friday.


Course syllabus


Course dates
17 November 2021 - 18 February 2022
Course organizer
Håkan Andersson

Online course