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Ph.D.-course on the legitimacy of international law and international institutions

University of Oslo

PluriCourts hosts a one week intensive interdisciplinary Ph.D.-course on the legitimacy of international law and international institutions, with a particular focus on international courts, in Oslo, Norway, June 13 to June 17 2022.

Application deadline: 15. February 2022. (please see link)


Course content:

The course provides an overview of the main concepts and theories of the legitimacy of international institutions, and of how they relate to each other. Legitimacy is discussed across a number of different disciplines, and the course adopts a multidisciplinary approach, focusing primarily on law, philosophy, and political science. The course will be based on active participation and dialogue between the teachers and the course participants.


The students will acquire:

  • Knowledge of the differences between the various concepts of legitimacy used in different disciplines, and of the relationships between these concepts.

  • Knowledge of different theories of legitimacy within law, philosophy, and political science, and of their application to international institutions, and in particular to international courts.

  • An understanding of the particular challenges arising when studying the legitimacy of international institutions.

  • An understanding of the challenges and possibilities arising from the multidisciplinary study of legitimacy.

  • An ability to critically assess and discuss the legitimacy of different international institutions (and how it affects their performance).

  • An ability to critically assess and discuss different theories of international legitimacy


Course dates
13 June 2022 - 17 June 2022
Course organizer
PluriCourts - Centre for the Study of the Legitimate Roles of the Judiciary in the Global Order
Juridisk fakultet, UiO