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A Law to Save the World?

Lund University

A Law to Save the World?

PhD Course November 2022 - January 2023

Lund University, Faculty of Law / Agenda 2030 Graduate School

Scholarship in sustainable development often takes the agenda at face value in diagnosing problems and providing solutions to global problems of climate change, the creation of sustainable patterns of production and consumption, stopping the decrease of biodiversity, ending poverty, and more. Recently there is a realization, however, that this is not enough. That there is a need for non-instrumental critical research concerning sustainable development: the basic presumptions on which a sustainability agenda is built, the interests served by its implementation and the conflicts that will emerge in the wake of making necessary societal transformations. There is also a need to think about what comes after: what should the next global framework for societal change look like?

Whether taking an instrumental or a more critical approach in your PhD thesis, this course is meant to create a space to deepen your understanding of the history of sustainable development and the problems sustainable development tries to solve in a global context.

Consistent in the course is a concern with global inequalities in a North/South dimension, linked to legacies of colonialism.

While the course takes the current SDG project as its point of departure, it is to an equal extent a course giving its participants room to develop their research questions and methodology. This “methodology component” allows the PhD students to try out methodological approaches in an open-ended spirit of experimentation.

The course is interdisciplinary but the course convenors have their disciplinary belonging in international law. Online participation is possible, and time-differences will be negotiated.

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Sessions 2022–23:

29 November

1 December

13 December

15 December

20 December

10 January

12 January

24 January

26 January

31 January


Course dates
29 November 2022 - 31 January 2023
Course organizer
Markus Gunneflo
Box 207
221 00 Lund
7.5 ECTS